The Ron Paul Round-Up: May 9, 2012

Again, right off the bat, I am a proud Paul supporter and have made several donations to several of his campaigns and have served as a grassroots coordinator and delegate for the cause—MM

So it was a pretty exciting weekend if you’re a Ron Paul enthusiast. Let’s start with Maine. The Maine GOP held their state convention and basically the Paul forces took it over. The new state Chair, most of the new executive committee, and 20 of the 24 delegates bound for Tampa are Ron Paul supporters.

These delegates are unbound, meaning that they are free to vote for any candidate they support. The Maine caucus that was held earlier this year where Romney narrowly edged out Dr. Paul (with only 87% of the votes counted and with reports of widespread fraud and incompetence) was nothing more than a straw poll. It meant nothing.

The fact of the matter is that Ron Paul has an “air-tight” majority in Maine moving forward. Not that you’ll read or see this in most MSM outlets. In fact, as of a little while ago, most media delegate counts have not been changed except for Google. As a quick aside, I love the Google election results page.

Nevada is basically the same story, albeit a bit different because Nevada’s delegates are bound for the 1st ballot in Tampa; however, Paul has some of those bound delegates coming to him anyways. The kicker is if it goes past one ballot—then those delegates are released and can then vote for the candidate of their choice. 22 of Nevada’s 28 delegates are Paul supporters.

The biggest thing, though, in my opinion, is the same thing that happened in Maine and that is happening all over America, happened in Nevada as well—the Paul forces have taken over the state GOP apparatus. Exciting times, indeed…

There are other states where the process is playing out, but it seems almost a given that Paul will have the majority of delegates in Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Alaska, and several others. In the state of Iowa, those delegates are unbound, so after the state convention wraps, Paul’s numbers will go up while Romney’s will drop. This will happen time after time in the coming the weeks.

Will Dr. Paul have enough delegates to force a contested convention? I honestly don’t know, but probably not. Is this good for our country and for the Republican Party? I think so, for sure. How many more times must the GOP completely sell out before the rank and filers realize that there’s something not right going on? I think we’re starting to see it. I really do. At the very least, if the GOP even wants a small chance of winning they will have to get very serious about the Ron Paul Revolution. Because if they don’t, a lot of us will happily be getting on the Gary Johnson train…better believe it!

Viva la r3VOLution!

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