Obama anti-gun agenda rejected by Americans, White House switches to regulatory tricks

The Obama administration is quietly taking a new angle to impose its anti-gun agenda. Though the FDIC and the Justice Department, federal regulators are pressuring financial institutions and payment processors to end business relationship with gun retailers, labeling them as “high-risk,” according to The Washington Times:

Since 2011, regulators have increased scrutiny on banks’ customers. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. in 2011 urged banks to better manage the risks of their merchant customers who employ payment processors, such as PayPal, for credit card transactions. The FDIC listed gun retailers as “high risk” along with porn stores and drug paraphernalia shops.

Meanwhile, the Justice Department has launched Operation Choke Point, a credit card fraud probe focusing on banks and payment processors. The threat of enforcement has prompted some banks to cut ties with online gun retailers, even if those companies have valid licenses and good credit histories.

Today in Liberty: Out-of-pocket costs could double under Obamacare, VA scandal exposes dangers of single-payer

“Blessed are the young, for they shall inherit the national debt.” — President Herbert Hoover

— There shall be higher out-of-pocket costs: The pharmaceutical lobby is warning that Americans who’ve purchased health plans on the Obamacare exchanges could face big cost increases next year. ”The report for [PhRMA] was conducted by actuarial firm Milliman, which found that people on the Silver Plan, the most popular Obamacare plan, would likely pay 130 percent more for out-of-pocket prescription drugs compared to people on similar employer-sponsored plans,” The Hill notes. The study didn’t account for subsidies, which could help qualifying Americans lower their costs. That being said, John Castellani, CEO of PhRMA, gives us this gem of a quote: “Americans participating in the Exchanges were promised coverage comparable to employer plans and yet the reality is that many new plans are failing to provide an appropriate level of access to quality, affordable health care.” Thanks, Obamacare!

Hillary Clinton to gun owners: “I don’t believe” in the Second Amendment

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s contempt for the Second Amendment was on full display yesterday. In a speech to the National Council for Behavioral Health, the likely 2016 Democratic presidential frontrunner expressed her dismay that “anyone” can own a gun (emphasis added):

“We have to rein in what has become [an] almost article of faith, that anybody can own a gun anywhere, anytime. And I don’t believe that,” she said, as applause drowned her out.

Clinton, who argued it was possible to hold her position and still support the right to gun ownership, warned that unfettered access to guns could have dangerous consequences. She called the country’s approach to guns “way out of balance,” and referred to cases in which gun violence has erupted over minor issues.

She painted a dark picture, warning that, “At the rate we’re going, we’re going to have so many people with guns everywhere, fully licensed, fully validated, in settings where [one] could be in a movie theater, and they don’t like someone chewing gum loudly or talking on their cell phone and decide they have the perfect right to defend themselves against the gum chewer or cell phone user by shooting.”
The proliferation of guns combined with few restrictions on where they can be carried can “give someone the means to respond in the moment in a way that he wouldn’t if a few minutes passed and there was no means to inflict harm … We really have got to get our arms around this,” she said.

Colorado voters aren’t happy about new gun control laws

If the successful recall of two anti-gun Colorado state senators wasn’t enough of an indiction of much opposition there was to the state’s new onerous gun control laws, this Quinnipiac poll released last week should give you an idea. The poll found that opposition to the measures has reached a new high:

The survey found that only 39 percent of Colorado voters favor the state’s hotly debated 2013 package of gun control measures, down from 43 percent support in Quinnipiac’s Feb. 5 poll.

At the same time, opposition to the gun control laws is rising. The poll found that 56 percent of Colorado voters oppose the firearms laws, up from 52 percent in the Feb. 5 survey.

By the way, a third anti-gun state senator resigned rather than face a recall election, one that she more than likely would’ve lost, which would’ve tipped control of the chamber to Colorado Republicans.

The poll didn’t just find opposition to Colorado’s gun control laws, it also found that a majority of voters support allowing teachers and school officials carry guns on campus:

The poll also found that voters support by a 50 percent to 45 percent margin allowing teachers and school officials to carry firearms on school grounds, and back metal detectors at school entrances by an overwhelming 74 percent to 20 percent margin.

NRA to push national reciprocity for concealed carry permit holders

concealed carry

The National Rifle Association (NRA) is expected to spend some of its weekend focusing on a measure — National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act — that would ensure that gun owners who’ve obtained concealed carry permits can carry their weapon no matter where they travel in the United States:

The nation’s largest gun-rights group, which officially opens its meeting of about 70,000 people Friday in Indianapolis, wants Congress to require that concealed weapons permits issued in one state be recognized everywhere, even when the local requirements differ. Advocates say the effort would eliminate a patchwork of state-specific regulations that lead to carriers unwittingly violating the law when traveling.

“Right now it takes some legal research to find out where you are or are not legal depending on where you are,” said Guy Relford, an attorney who has sued communities for violating an Indiana law that bars local gun regulation. “I don’t think that’s right.”
The “reciprocity” effort on state concealed carry laws has strong support from Senate Republicans but narrowly missed being amended into last year’s proposed expansion of gun sale background checks. Still, it faces long odds in Washington because Democrats control the Senate and White House.

Basically, the measure would extend the same treatment that state drivers licenses and birth certificates, for example, receive under the Full Faith and Credit Clause to concealed carry permits, which can now be issued in all 50 states.

Will Obama mandate biometrics for new guns?

Attorney General Eric Holder’s recent testimony touting biometric technology, like bracelets and fingerprint identification systems, as “common sense” gun control measures has some Republicans concerned about the prospect of yet another executive order from President Obama:

Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) is warning the Obama administration to not issue an executive order requiring that all new guns be made with biometric technology, such as finger-print recognition or bracelets.
“Your testimony has raised serious concerns for my constituents given President Obama’s track-record of acting beyond the scope of his legal authority and your hostility to the individual right to self-defense under the Second Amendment,” Cornyn wrote. “Is the Obama administration currently exploring the possibility of an executive order requiring all firearms to possess the technology capabilities you referenced in your testimony?”

Cornyn also asked Holder if the administration has any legal standing to make such a requirement on gun features, and expressed concern about how biometric guns could make it easier for the federal government to create a national gun owner database — something Cornyn said would violate privacy rights

Will you assure my constituents and me that, under your supervision, the Department of Justice will not issue regulations requiring law-abiding citizens to equip their firearms with fingerprint-reading technology, or to link them to biometric bracelets?” Cornyn wrote.

Holder’s idea of “common sense” gun control: gun tracking bracelets

During a House appropriations subcommittee hearing on Friday, Attorney General Eric Holder floated some ideas of “common sense” gun control efforts the Obama administration is considering. Among the Orwellian ideas that Holder mentioned are gun tracking bracelets for gun owners, via the Washington Free Beacon (emphasis added):

“I think that one of the things that we learned when we were trying to get passed those common sense reforms last year, Vice President Biden and I had a meeting with a group of technology people and we talked about how guns can be made more safe,” he said.

“By making them either through finger print identification, the gun talks to a bracelet or something that you might wear, how guns can be used only by the person who is lawfully in possession of the weapon.”

“It’s those kinds of things that I think we want to try to explore so that we can make sure that people have the ability to enjoy their Second Amendment rights, but at the same time decreasing the misuse of weapons that lead to the kinds of things that we see on a daily basis,” Holder said.

See and hear Holder’s comments for yourself:

Georgia mayor blasts Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun group

David Lockhart and Truett Cathy

Pictured: Mayor David Lockhart and Chick-fil-a founder Truett Cathy

Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, is working to recruit new members after suffering nearly two-dozen losses in municipal elections across the country last year.

Among those who have received a membership solicitation is David Lockhart, mayor of Forest Park, a small Georgia city just south of Atlanta.

In the email solicitation, Cyrus Garrett, coalition coordinator for the anti-gun group, stated that its “members are united in their belief that support for the Second Amendment goes hand-in hand with keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and other dangerous people.”

Mayors Against Illegal Guns promised Lockhart “a national voice on this issue and others,” adding that it will also give him “an opportunity to meet and learn from other mayors and policymakers.”

Lockhart, who was elected last year, was unimpressed. The Forest Park mayor didn’t just decline the invitation, he ripped the anti-gun group and its founder.

“I do not support your efforts. I oppose efforts to require private sellers with minimal sales (non-dealers) to perform background checks,” Lockhart wrote to Mayors Against Illegal Guns. “I am proud that gun shows are regularly conducted in Forest Park.”

BATFE and the war on legal gun sales

Ares Armor raid

It’s no secret that the government has been doing everything it can to control the sales of certain weapons, particularly the AR-15. What particularly bothers the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) is the fact that people can purchase the parts to make this sort of weapon, without serial numbers. It has bothered them so much, that they recently decided to raid a legally operating store that is owned by a Marine Corps veteran.

Dimitri Karras, owner of Ares Armor, was willing to allow BATFE to enter into his place of business. He offered to allow them into the section of his store where the AR-15 parts were stored - a section that is restricted to all but authorized personnel, that all other employees know they would be fired for attempting to enter. Karras was willing to let the government see whatever they liked, except one thing. He refused to surrender his customer list.

So, to protect the constitutional rights of his customers, Karras obtained a Temporary Restraining Order on March 13, 2014, to prevent BATFE from taking it. The agency wasn’t pleased with that, or the fact that the gun shop owner went to the media with his story, so they obtained a warrant.

On Saturday, March 15, 2014, BATFE raided a location of Ares Armor, and treated the people inside like criminals. They entered the building forcefully, weapons drawn and raised, as though they expected armed resistance. Since Karras had only refused to surrender a customer list, there was no reason to assume there would be resistance of any kind.

Today in Liberty: Rand Paul leads GOP field, NRA files brief against NSA spying

“A limited state with free economic systems is the soil where the liberty tree blossoms.” — Orrin Woodward

— The most transparent administration ever: Remember that promise? Yeah, about that. “More often than ever, the administration censored government files or outright denied access to them last year under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act, cited more legal exceptions it said justified withholding materials and refused a record number of times to turn over files quickly that might be especially newsworthy,” the Associated Press reports. “The government’s own figures from 99 federal agencies covering six years show that halfway through its second term, the administration has made few meaningful improvements in the way it releases records. In category after category - except for reducing numbers of old requests and a slight increase in how often it waived copying fees - the government’s efforts to be more open about its activities last year were their worst since President Barack Obama took office.”

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